Mountain and Cave Rescue Benevolent Fund comprises five Trustees and nine Regional Reps.

The Trustees are: Neil Woodhead (Chairman), Shirley Priestley (Treasurer), Judy Whiteside (Secretary), Bill Whitehouse (British Cave Rescue Council) and Huw Birrell (Mountain Rescue England and Wales).

There are nine mountain rescue regions in England and Wales. Each region is represented by a dedicated representative, appointed by their region. These are: Laura Connolly (Lakes), Keith Gillies (Mid Pennine), Carl Faulkner (North East), Dave Worrall (North Wales), Grant Whiteside (Peak District), Roger King (Peninsular), Ian Cousins (South Wales) and Bob Scurr (Yorkshire Dales). Currently, there is no representative for South West England.

Cave rescue teams in England and Wales are also represented, by Peter Allwright.