Financial help

If an accident happens – worse, if a team member sustains fatal injuries during a call-out, we know how quickly the bills can add up, how easy it is to get tied up in red tape.

Be it unexpected expenses, the need for timely assessment and rehabilitation – mentally or physically – or a family left dealing with the consequences of tragedy, we’re here to help.

We can offer an immediate support grant, so the team member and their family aren’t left in financial limbo. And longer term support if needed.

Physical help

When a team member sustains injury while attending a call-out, the result can be far-reaching.

For the team member it can mean time off work, maybe loss of earnings, loss of fitness. For their family, aside from any financial hardship caused by the accident, it likely brings the frustration of an injured partner keen to be back on the hill! And for the team, it’s one less person on the call-out list.

So we aim to get team members to the physical rehabilitation they need, as quickly as we can.

We have agreements with both the Fire Fighters’ Charity and the Police Treatment Centres, with access to physical assessment, physiotherapy, lifestyle advice and exercise facilities.

Emotional support

Team members frequently deal with the results of traumatic injury in the mountains – and below ground. Often those injuries can be fatal.

But it’s a small world and, from time to time, team members are called out to deal with their own. As volunteers trained to the highest standards in casualty care, they are deal with trauma and tragedy with professionalism and efficiency, but sometimes this exacts a toll. And emotional trauma is no less harrowing than physical injury.

We are happy to support emotional rehabilitation through counselling therapies where needed.