Why do we need a Benevolent Fund for mountain and cave rescuers? Simply, because accidents happen.

Mountain and cave incidents, by their nature, often occur in the most extreme environments. But sometimes, all it takes is slippery grass. Mountain and cave rescue team members can be called at any time of the day or night, frequently putting their own lives and families on hold to help those in need.

If a team member sustains an injury during a call-out, quite apart from any physical rehabilitation required, that injury might impact on his or her ability to earn. Their family might struggle financially and emotionally.

Our aim is to help alleviate hardship suffered by team members – and their families – which has arisen as a direct result of a mountain or cave rescue operation. And we also aim to get that team member back on the operational call-out list as soon as possible.

We can provide a range of services, including immediate and longer term financial support, physical rehabilitation and emotional support through access to counselling services.

How we can help

Financial help If an accident happens – worse, if a team member sustains fatal injuries during a call-out, we know how quickly the bills can add up, how easy it is to get tied up in red tape. Be it…

Who’s who in the Benevolent Fund

The Rescue Benevolent Fund comprises five Trustees and a number of Regional Reps. The Trustees are: Neil Woodhead (Chairman), Shirley Priestley (Treasurer), Judy Whiteside (Secretary), Bill Whitehouse (British Cave Rescue Council) and Huw Birrell (Mountain Rescue England and Wales).